Week 7 (10/03/2016 – 10/07/2016) System of Equations

Reporting Category 3: A.2I , A.5C

A.2I: Write a system of linear equations from a word problems.

A.5CSolve systems of two linear equations with two variables for mathematical and real-world problems. 

10/03/2016:  Write system of equations from a word problem. Practice 1

10/04/2016Write system of equations from a word problem. Practice 2

10/05/2016 : A.5C – Solve System of Equation – Solution to a System of Equations.

10/06/2016 : A.5C – Solve system of equation from a word problems.

Review A.2I , A.5C system, of equations

Quiz 1


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Week 6 Practice RC2:A.3D Graphing Inequality

Reporting Category 2  , Readiness Standard A.3D

A.3DGraph the solution set of linear inequalities in two variables on the coordinate plane.

09/26/2016: Which ordered pair is in the solution set of 0.5 x minus 2 y greater or equal than 3 ?

09/27/2016: Which graph represents the inequalityspace minus 2 x plus 3 y greater than 12 ?

09/28/2016: Which graph represents the solution set of y greater or equal than negative 7 over 2 x minus 2?

09/29/2016: Review Graphing inequality

Quiz 1

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Week 4: Linear Function RC2:A.3C

1-  (Q14-2016) What is the y-intercept of the line graphed on the grid ? Practice

2-  (Q23-2016) Which graph represents Ax+By=C ? Practice

3-  (Q43-2016) Which graph shows a line with an x-intercept of …. ? Practice

4-  (Q41-2015) What is the zero of r(x) = (8/3)x-16 ? Practice

5-  (Q43-2015) Two linear functions given, how does the graph of one compared to the other ? Practice

6-  (Q47-2015) , (Q17-2014) , (Q21-2013) What does the x-intercept or y-intercept represents ? Practice

7-  (Q27-2013) What is the zero of the linear function graphed below ? Practice

Practice All Questions Here


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