Algebra 1 STAAR is On Tuesday Dec 6th 2016

You want to get a commended level in the algebra 1 STAAR test, you want to excel and hit Level III . its easy and you can do it.

study is a key. get very familiar with the formula chart. each one of the packets below represent a reporting category ( a big subject in algebra 1 ) . Master each of them and you can not only pass but also score level III . Aim high and trust me you will get there !


if you are serious about passing go check the Algebra staar page here , do the readiness standards and this wil take you to get 35 questions right in the test which means you are 7 questions away of getting commended level performance. you got this

Ask me for a log in by emailing


Reporting Category 1 = 20%  , Practice

Reporting Category 2 = 22% , Practice 

Reporting Category 3 = 26% , Practice

Reporting Category 4 = 20% , Practice

Reporting Category 5 = 12 %. Still working on it 🙂


if you have any questions , make sure you get the help